About me

I am a senior economist and research advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

My research uses micro data to inform our understanding of the macroeconomy. I have studied issues including migration, risk sharing, labor markets, and inflation. My work has been published in the Journal of Political EconomyQuantitative EconomicsDemography, and other journals.

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May 2018: New working paper “A Sequential Bargaining Model of the Fed Funds Market with Excess Reserves” available online (with James Clouse).

April 2018: Two new policy articles on the evolution of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet: “The Structure of Federal Reserve Liabilities” and “Understanding the Demand for Currency at Home and Abroad” (both with Thomas Haasl and Anna Paulson).

February 2018: First draft of “The Changing (Dis-)Utility of Work” available online (with Greg Kaplan). This paper is in preparation for the Journal of Economic Perspectives.

January 2018: “Measuring Job-Finding Rates and Matching Efficiency with Heterogeneous Jobseekers” (with Robert E. Hall) has been published in American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics.